Skype Time

by Jen
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Now that my mom isn’t staying with us all week, Thomas and I really miss her. So when I was chatting with her during his snack time the other day I had the brilliant idea to Skype instead:

I don’t know who was more excited…

Oh wait, I think that’s an obvious one – my mom!

Although she did a great job of distracting him so I could pull bread out of the oven without having to deal with a curious baby trying to come at me. She’s such a good helper even when she’s 300 miles away!


by Jen
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I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve been made to wear one of these in a doctor’s office:

And it was just bronchitis, nothing crazy like Bird Flu. Geez, way to make me feel like a leper! “/

9 years!

by Jen
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I don’t know what the official gift for a nine year anniversary is, but I’m certain that a steak the size of a dinner plate plus a lobster tail fits the requirements in our house! :)


Happy Anniversary, Matt! Maybe next year we can get a lobster the size of a plate…! ;)

Running Joke

by Jen
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Several of my friends and coworkers have a running joke with regards to T-Rex and how he hates doing many things because of his tiny arms. (House painting, push-ups, etc.) Well I have no idea where my friend found this, but its my new favorite T-Rex cartoon:

Call me inspired! Rawr!!

Baby’s First Flight

by Jen
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Yup, at the ripe old age of almost four months, Thomas got to take his first plane ride. Mom’s sister passed away after a long decline and the whole contingent of Texas “Warburton’s” headed to Delaware to pay our respects. Heather and Dad flew from Dallas to Baltimore. Mom, Thomas and I flew into Philadelphia – mostly because it was a nonstop flight!

Thomas doesn’t know where we’re going or why he is having to share his car seat with his Nonni’s neck pillow. (He’s such a tolerant baby!)

I was a little concerned about the flight, but Thomas did awesome! All of the fellow passengers around us commented on what a laid back baby he was. He did fuss once or twice, but we got him calmed down pretty quick. He spent most of the flight giggling and playing with Sophie the giraffe interspersed with some sprawled out power naps! :)

My boy did me proud on this one. Here’s hoping for a repeat performance on Monday!


Texas Cookies Finished!

by Jen
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Monday night, Thomas went to bed a little early – I guess we tuckered him out with all the excitement this weekend! Dinner was eaten and leftovers put away. And the dishes were even done! What’s a girl to do with some unexpected free time?

Decorate the Texas cookies!!


It was so relaxing! I was a little worried that true royal icing would set up too hard, so I used a recipe for Meringue Powder Buttercream. It has shortening in it, which I’m usually not a fan of in icing, but I couldn’t taste it in the delicious icing and it was supposed to keep the cookies soft. I modified the basic recipe using Sweet Sugar Belle’s 20 Second Rule and the thinned icing worked great.

The next day I decided the cookies really needed stars. The 20 second icing wouldn’t hold a star shape when I tested it, so I thinned down some of the remaining icing and piped them on there. Man, I felt so fancy when they were done. I mean, I can’t look at these cookies and not smile!


Since I just made them for fun and no particular reason, I told Matt to have at them. Apparently they are just like his favorite grocery store cookies and he ate waaaay too many. He decided the icing needed to be twice as thick though. We’ll see for the next batch, maybe I’ll try the pipe and flood technique!

Car Show!

by Jen
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Work had a car show this weekend for a fundraising effort. I didn’t really think the CR-V would wow anyone, so I asked my dad if he wanted to drive his super yellow 1979 Corvette down. Whether it was the car show or more time with his grandson, I’m not sure, but he came down for it!


Thomas checking out his Grandpa’s awesome ride. And like Goldilocks, he decides its a little too big…


But parked right down the row from us was a car that was just his size! I know, if following the Goldilocks trend there should be a car that is too small, but he’s so tiny not much is too small for him!


We walked around and looked at all the fun cars – Classic, Luxury, Super!, Muscle Cars and Trucks. Half of the fun was talking to the owners and hearing everyone’s stories about their cars. Thomas was quite the hit in his motorcycle outfit, but all the attention really wore him out. He had to recuperate with his Grandpa before they announced the winners… :)


We didn’t win – a really fun looking Volkswagen Beetle did. They had it decked out like they were headed off to a picnic at the beach. And Dad wasn’t really in it to win, it was mostly an excuse to hang out all day. With that, we were quite successful!

And after a short stop to say farewell to our friends Ken, Hannah and Andrew, who are moving to Wisconsin, we headed home. Thomas was worn out from all the excitement and went to bed early… Soooooo I got to try making the cookies again. The second recipe was a success – No Fat Texas! No starfish!


I’ve got to let them dry out for a day or two before decorating. I can’t wait!!

Hanging with My Little Guy

by Jen
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It was a bit of a hectic week this week. But for me, this week ended on Thursday, so Thomas and I are enjoying our day off together today. To be honest, he already pooped on me and right now he’s asleep, but hey – you gotta enjoy even those kinds of moments, huh?

Highlight of the week was daycare drama. My mom has been driving down *every* week and switched her schedule to work on the weekends to watch Thomas because the daycare we are wait-listed on doesn’t open until mid-September. I finally got an update (a week and a half after I emailed them…) and they are opening October 1st, but Thomas is still #9 on the wait list and may not get in until January. Yeah thats not going to work…

After the usual panic attack I start calling the same places I decided against in March when we went through this the first time. Turns out our original top choice has a spot October 1st (a true miracle!).They dropped from #1 when someone there told the pregnant lady (me) not to worry about getting on the list when I first called in November, then when I talked to them in March (like they told me), they had no spots. Since then I’ve read online that their main office sucks with communications, but the teachers and school overall are well worth it. So we’re registered. I also decided Matt has to do the drop off and I’ll do pick-up. I think leaving Thomas there is going to be hard on me the first few weeks (months?) ((years??)).

Oh and I’ve decided trying to pick up a new baking talent while watching a baby is trickier than I thought. I really have been drooling over this cookie blog, Sweet Sugar Belle, for months and have been buying the equipment here and there over the past few weekends with the intention of cookie decorating. I’ve not been able to make the cookies in advance of appropriate occasions with enough time to bake, let them sit overnight, make the icing, decorate, dry, decorate more, dry more, etc.

Yesterday afternoon though, I had time to make the dough and bake the cookies before bed. Then I could decorate them today! Or it was the plan anyhow… Matt wanted to go look at shades for the windows instead and we didn’t get home until 9:30. I managed to get the kiddo in bed and make the dough, but there was I way I was baking them that late.

Fast forward to this morning and the dough won’t roll out, partially because it’s too cold and partially because you shouldn’t substitute regular chocolate chips for mini-chocolate chips in rolled cookie dough but I managed to bake a few cookies. And I wasn’t happy with them:


I know, I know, they look decent, but they spread and I want my stars to be crisp, not weird looking starfish and Texas looks fat… I decided not to make a second batch of regular sugar cookie dough today. It will just stress me out managing it and Thomas, so I’d rather just hang out with him. I’ll take my “oops cookies” to our play date this afternoon, I’m sure they won’t mind eating them!

Gotta try again soon though, I already made the cookie icing and it won’t last forever… Maybe Sunday!

Mini Treats!

by Jen
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In honor of my last post about my mini-kitchen, I thought I should share two of my most recent recipe finds that are mini treats!

The first one is from my favorite mini-recipe website, Dessert for Two, and is Salted Almond Brittle. Not only is it a small recipe, but it was super easy! You use the microwave!! It took less than 10 minutes!!! And I just happened to have all the ingredients on hand when I found this recipe. Mom wanted to try it too, so she entertained Thomas for the 10 minutes even though she was “off-duty”… ; )


Verdict? Delicious! Matt gave it the compliment of it being like his grandmothers – which is huge by anyone’s standard. I’m going to try it again with other nuts – I think cashews! And I may chop the nuts up a little, I kept getting pieces with one almond and Matt’s would have like 10… unfair!

The other delicious mini was Mini Chocolate Lava Cakes, which seems like the greatest idea ever – I can eat so many before feeling guilty! I took an idea from Dfor2 and halved the recipe so each of us got 3 and it was the perfect serving size. Of course in the chaos of dinner planning and baby watching I overlooked them a tiny bit and they weren’t so lava-y. No matter, that’s why Blue Bell ice cream and Hershey’s syrup were invented!


I’m so making these again too! As good as they were, I can’t imagine how much better they will be when full of melted chocolate goodness! Mmmmmm….

Tiny Kitchen

by Jen
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It occurred to me that I spend a lot of time talking about how excited I am for my new kitchen, but I’ve never really shown you why. I was looking through my photo stream and saw one Matt had taken of me washing dishes while Thomas was hanging out with me.

So here it is, possibly the tiniest kitchen to produce such magnificent baked goods:

We’ve been in the garage apartment almost two years now and 600 square feet doesn’t actually seem that bad for the three four of us. But the kitchen is too cramped! Most of my baking stuff is in the attic and the rest is downstairs in the garage. It’s been a constant struggle to maintain counter space and the baby stuff has taken over what spare room I had. The other day Matt and my mom were both trying to do stuff in there while I was finishing dinner… Haha – impossible! Overall, its been manageable, but it’s occasionally challenging. So I really can’t wait for my new ginormous (to me) kitchen to be done!

(And for the record, Matt put him in the laundry basket, I usually use his bouncy chair)


by Jen
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Not in a good way. ; ) The kid has turned into a drool monster. Matt was worried about the dogs peeing on the new floor, but I think the more pressing concern might be drool. I guess we’ll have to get him a rug for his new room ASAP:


Do they make waterproof rugs…?

It’s here! It’s here!!

by Jen
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I can’t believe it’s finally here!! I spent months researching stoves and agonized over the top two on my list. I finally made a decision and ordered it, but was worried about storing it in the garage for a few months, so the store in Boston very nicely offered to warehouse it for us.

Last August!!!

I was so worried that they would have given up on us, but they still had it and laughed a little about holding it “for a little while”. And it arrived by freight today – isn’t she a beauty??


I won’t go into what makes this the most awesomest stove ever (open burners! 23,000 BTUs! Wok ring!) because most people won’t appreciate it. And I know it won’t make anyone a better cook/baker, but I think it will make me a happier cook/baker and with as much time as I spend in the kitchen, thats pretty important to me. :)

A huge thanks to my hubby for letting me get the ridiculous stove I really wanted and I can’t wait to cook you and Thomas some awesome dinners on it!

So Much Progress

by Jen
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I know I have been more than slacking off with posting house photos, but I will try to amend that considering how much work got done these past few weeks. The house is really starting to come together. Yay!

The house bath decked out in subway and mosaic tile:

The kitchen with its rocking white cabinets and antiqued ‘granite’ countertop. Still missing are the fixtures, but trust me they will look awesome too.

A close-up of the tiles in the mudroom that Matt picked out. I was skeptical at first, but I had to admit that he was right and they look great.

The master bathroom shower:

The marble countertop in the master bathroom. The counter was a bit of a compromise, but I think we’re both happy with it. :)

And the floor is stained. In a good way!


by Jen
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Is there anyone who doesn’t like s’mores?? Of course it is waaaaaay too hot right now for a campfire, so we have to get creative, right? Or find someone else who is creative and use their recipes!

First things first, we need ice cream. And as much as I love Blue Bell, I found a much more exciting recipe to try out. Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream, anyone? It’s part of a recipe for an ice cream cake, but I just made the ice cream. On a related note, toasting a bunch of marshmallows is a bit messy…

On to the main draw – S’mores Cobbler! The recipe called for large marshmallows, but then I spied these beauties in the grocery store! If large is good, then jumbo is better, right??

Is it possible for this to look more delicious straight out of the oven?

Thank goodness I took a photo when I did – this thing fell flat in no time at all. Boo! But I would say it still looks delicious with a scoop of the yummy ice cream on top:


So the verdict? Pretty fun to make, but incredibly messy to eat. The jumbo marshmallows were so hard to cut through and we ended up with 3′ marshmallow strands when trying to get our piece out. I might try it again with a scattering of mini marshmallows or marshmallow fluff on top. And a tab more butter – it was a little dry on top. But it’s worth trying again to make perfect!

Another Visit Home

by Jen
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My mom volunteered to be nanny four days a week – which is incredibly awesome and I’m still not sure why how I lucked out in the great mom department. Anyhow, she drives back to Weatherford Thursday evenings as soon as I get home from work, then she works until Sunday evening, when she drives back to Houston. Crazy, huh?

This week was my 9/80 Friday off, so I decided to carpool with my mom and see the family. The ride was so much easier with company, though I was mistaken in believing that Mello Yello was caffeine free – whoops! In related news, spiking your baby’s “drink” with caffeine will not help them sleep well. :(

The in-laws were pretty excited to see Thomas since we hadn’t been there in a few weeks and he is changing so fast these days. And I got to try Five Guys finally – why didn’t anyone tell me that all those toppings were free?!?


And since we were in Weatherford, we made time for Pizza Place. Twice… Don’t judge me!


Lots of driving, but it was worth it to see everyone. :)

Hand Me Downs Rock!

by Jen
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I have no shame with accepting hand me downs for Thomas. Maybe it’s because I got a lot of those as a second child. Maybe I’m just frugal. Or maybe because I like gifts – even if they’re not for me. One of mom’s friends has sent us a bunch of clothes because her baby boy is just a few months older than Thomas and keep us in steady supply. The resale shop Once Upon A Child has also been a source of ‘new’ clothes.

So now we have an awesome new toy courtesy of a coworker who decided that #4 was the last one. (As a side-note, am I crazy for wanting four?) She gave us a bouncer – the kind that you clamp on a doorframe and they can bounce like a crazy person in it. I was pretty sure that Thomas is still a little unsteady for bouncing, but as much as he likes standing, I thought it would still be fun.

First try he just hung there:


Second try I realized having his arms out made him actually stand:


He’ll having the bouncing figured out in no time at all!

Back to Work!

by Jen
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All good things must come to an end, even spending every minute of the day with my baby boy.

The first day back was almost entirely consumed with going through my email inbox.

Second day was a bit of a drag because Thomas hasn’t figured out a good sleep schedule and I was tired. Tired and reading scientific papers all day is not a good combination…

Third day back, I got to talking geology with my coworkers and realized I love my job. It will take a while to get used to having less sleep and working 9/80′s. But it’s worth it to have a great job and a great family to come home to. How can you not be happy coming home to this little guy?


First Swim

by Jen
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We have some very good friends, John and Allie, that moved to Norway about 8 years ago. We’ve visited them twice and I see them a few days almost every year at a geologic conference. But this year they decided to rent a beach house in Galveston as part of their ridiculously awesome summer vacations. So Thomas and I decided to drive down and see them.

I had planned on buying Thomas some little swimmers diapers, but he’s too small for all of them. Worried that there was a reason they were all so big, I made sure to get the ok from our pediatrician about him swimming and using baby sunscreen. Then I turned to my trusty friend Amazon and found you could buy smaller swim diapers that weren’t disposables. Perfect!

I planned the drive down to coincide with nap time, but it’s farther to the end of Galveston than nap time lasts. He started fussing at me, but this time instead of holding the pacifier in his mouth while driving, I let him fuss. Turns out he calms down in mere minutes. Now I feel like he suckered me last time…

Either way, we got there and there were people everywhere! Apparently it was most of Allie’s family – which considering the kids was almost 20 people. I hadn’t seen Jack & Mia (their kids) in several years and they have both grown up so much! And since they have them in an international school over in Norway, Mia has picked up the cutest British accent from her teacher. :)

We headed over to the pool (I was happy about the pool instead of the beach, much calmer for the first swim try) for everyone to swim. Of course as soon as I got Thomas in his swim clothes and sunscreened up he fell asleep…


Neither Allie or I are big fans of the sun and swimming though, so it gave us time to catch up. Once he woke back up, we decided to try out the pool. The big pool was a little cooler than I thought he would like, so we headed down to the shallow kiddie pool. The water there was perfect for a first swim. Jack and Mia decided to keep him company even though they have way outgrown the kiddie pool!


I’m not sure how impressed Thomas was by the swimming, but he seemed to take it all in stride for quite a while. I even accidentally splashed water on his face and he didn’t mind at all. I guess splashing all that water on him during bath time really does help.

We eventually had to head back home, but it was great hanging out with them. And maybe some day they will move back to Texas – Jack has already decided that he will be like a big brother to Thomas. Which is fitting because I’ve always thought of John & Allie as adopted older siblings. I can’t wait to have them around more often! :)

Happy 4th of July!

by Jen
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It feels like a Saturday to me since Matt is him from work hanging out with us. Of course, he has to go back to work tomorrow, but it’s still fun while we have him. Because of the holiday, we weren’t going to have our usual church group meeting, so some of us decided to have a cookout instead. I was feeling optimistic, so I signed up to bring dessert!

I had just bought a huge bag of cherries from Fiesta because they were only $2 a pound! But I overestimated how many cherries I can eat before they go bad, so I figured making a dessert with them would kill two birds with one stone. So I read around on all of my cooking blogs to find inspiration for a Red, White and Blue tart (so no official recipe to share, I combined three different ones).

I feel the crust counts as the white part, the cherries are technically red, so all I needed was blueberries to round out the color scheme. Of course finding them took going to two stores in the morning, but Matt and Thomas were still asleep, so why not?

In the end it mostly looks purple, but I still say its the thought that counts! And the rustic look was intentional, a free form tart seemed much easier to accomplish with Thomas hanging out in his bouncy seat than a super fancy one… ;)


The Dark Side of 2 Months

by Jen
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Thomas thinks this growing up is awesome, except for the fact there are these things called scheduled immunizations… We had his two month appointment today and that meant 4 immunizations – one oral and three shots in the legs. Let me tell you, he was not impressed. He calmed down pretty fast afterwards and ended up taking a much longer morning nap than usual from all the excitement.

Theresa had warned me that some of the shots can cause them to be extra fussy and develop a mild fever, so I made sure to find the Children’s Tylenol and have it handy. Sure enough, he woke up in a fuss from his afternoon nap. I picked him up and he felt pretty warm. So I got to try out my new temporal thermometer I had bought on Amazon and sure enough, he had a 100.4 temperature.

I got him calmed down enough to give him the Tylenol:


Ok, so maybe it wasn’t so much me as it was his favorite pacifier, but whatever works, right? In about ten minutes, the magic of the Tylenol kicked in and my fussy baby turned into this baby:


Gotta love the marvels of modern medicine! :)

Playdate Monday

by Jen
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Once again on our quest to make the most of the remaining days of maternity leave, we went out and about to see friends. First we went to see my admin, Dorothy, who was at home recuperating from some minor medical procedures. Thomas and I visited work last week and had missed Dorothy because she was out, so we wanted to go see her while we could!

And since we were already on the north side of town, we stopped by to see how our friends Tosin and Adedolapo (Ade) were doing. The two boys overall didn’t seem to pay each other too much attention, but they did show some interest in each other when we out them down on a play mat.

In my mind Thomas is telling Ade that he will show him the way in this big scary world. After all, he’s got 7 weeks of experience on Ade. :)


2 Months

by Jen
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I can’t believe he’s already two months old! Which is followed closely by I can’t believe I have to go back to work next week…

My mom (his Nonni) sent him a gift in the mail “just because” and it came right before his birthday. So we figured that we should take advantage of it for his monthly photo:


Up, up and away!!


I love my little superhero! :)

Playdate Friday

by Jen
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Another day, another play-date! This time we hung out with Tracy and Jonah. The two of them have been pretty regular visitors to our house, but we hadn’t made a return visit. So after running errands in the morning, we headed over to hang out. I made the obligatory Starbucks run on the way over – opting for a frozen drink since its still over 100° outside…!

Jonah is much more active considering he’s almost a year old. And he looks like a giant next to my little guy. Thomas did his usual playdate activity of sleeping the whole time:


Once he was awake, I tried to entice Thomas to play with a few of Jonah’s toys, but he’s just not interested in toys yet. But he was happy enough just chilling on my lap and letting me gab with Tracy. Either way, we were very successful in the daily goal of getting in as much fun as we can in the remaining maternity leave I have left. :)

Playdate Thursday

by Jen
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The play-date today had two purposes:
1 – Get us out of the fume ridden garage apartment (see previous post).
2 – Help out my friend, Hannah, by watching her kiddo while she went to a doctor’s appointment.

Andrew is just about two weeks younger than Thomas and apparently a lot happens in those two weeks. Thomas looks like a giant in this photo of the two of them! (And it’s impossible to get two babies to look the same way I might add…)


I’ll admit I was a little nervous about watching two babies at once, but I figured it would be a good test to see how insane I was for wanting twins. Plus I figured if they both freaked out at once, I could wear Thomas in his baby bjorn and figure out some way to rock or carry Andrew at the same time…

Turns out I was worried for nothing. The two of them made some coo’s and sigh’s, then both fell asleep. Then they alternated getting restless for a few minutes before falling back asleep. Hannah made me a sandwich for lunch when she got back and it was quite possibly the easiest sandwich I ever earned:


I can only imagine how rambunctious future play-dates are going to be. I should probably appreciate the easy ones while I have them.

And since I was in the neighborhood, I made a stop by the cake supply store to make sure I had the goodies I needed for cupcakes I am making this weekend. They are going to be so awesome according to my imagination, let’s hope the reality lives up to that…!

Good News / Bad News

by Jen
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Good news! They finally started the interior painting in the house. They spent all last week prepping for the paint and they started the first of two primer coats today. So very exciting!


Bad news… The very potent paint fumes made their way upstairs into the garage apartment, my guess is through the A/C unit. I was initially only mildly concerned, but once I started to get a headache I decided that it would be safest for the kiddo and I to vacate the premises. We ended up doing some window shopping, though since Matt and I swapped cars I didn’t have any of my fancy baby gear except the car seat. Carrying him around made me realize how heavy he has gotten. Some very nice lady suggested that I get a baby carrier to give my arms a break… :)

But the day ended up on a good note because as we were driving around looking for things to do we found a yogurt shop right down the street. And they have free waffle bowls on Wednesday – total score!


It’s 100°

by Jen
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It’s 100° outside.


My car A/C died.


Why I Love Matt*

by Jen
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There are many reason I love my husband, but I don’t always stop to think about them. Plus having a child has created even new reasons for me to appreciate. So I thought I would take the time to mention two reasons I really appreciated today. I was just going to post the story of what happened today, but I think it’s important for my hubster to know just how much everyday stuff means to his wife. :)

Reason #1 from today:

How can I not love the guy holding my child in what is the most comfortable looking way that you have seen since said child was born? Matt was concerned about holding Thomas wrong the days after he was born. Looking at this photo, you can see how much of a dad Matt has become. I’m super proud of how awesome he is with Thomas – awake or passed out in his arms.

Reason #2 from today:

Matt had a ton of stuff he needed to do on the house today. Then my sister called telling us that her roommate, Lauren, had her car breakdown in Willis and had no way of knowing if it was fixable or not. (Lauren is also one of our bridesmaids and friend of the family since she was about 8.)

Matt drove the hour up there to check it out, spent about 4 hours and a gallon of sweat fixing it without a complaint about what he had planned on doing. Thomas and I went along for the adventure, but we were no help with fixing it. I hope Matt teaches Thomas his tinkering and fix-it skills because I’m absolutely amazed at what Matt can fix that I would have no clue how to even start.

So I guess this might be two reasons, one that he can fix things and two that he is so willing to help out a friend in need. I may not have known all the reasons I love Matt when I met him, but I’m glad to know there are even more reasons in store!

*Sorry for those that think this is a ridiculously sappy post (likely Matt is one of them), but I don’t have to apologize for loving my hubby and wanting to share why. :)


by Jen
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These days I have a running lists of things I could do during Thomas’ nap time or when Matt is home and can watch him for awhile (aka when nothing needs to be done on the house, so not often…). Putting away my maternity clothes, pulling out pre-baby clothes and sorting through baby clothes have been on the list the longest. All of our storage capacity is in the room under the garage apartment, but it’s difficult to spend much time down there. Whenever I try during nap time, I end up making too much noise below his crib and hear him waking up on the monitor in less than a minute. And it’s not air conditioned, so it’s much too hot to take him down there with me.

I finally got smart this weekend and brought all the boxes upstairs. If I can’t go to the storage, the storage can come to me! Now my maternity clothes are boxed up (the ones I never wore are going to the clothing drop box) and I unpacked my work clothes (*sigh*). Sorting through the baby clothes was a little harder – the sizes make no sense to me. He fits into the 0-3 Carter’s and the 6-9 Gerber’s outfits. The rest are a toss up, but I think I managed to make piles of like sized clothes. I can’t believe he has already outgrown some of his original clothes. They really do grow too fast!

Thomas wondering why he is surrounded by all these clothes…


And I decided that Natalie deserved a new and exciting toy after having the hematoma, the bladder problems and now the diaper that will ever go away. I found the most perfect toy at Petsmart! She loves tearing squeakers out of toys and I found a dragon toy with *16* squeakers all in their own compartments! How could she not love it?!?

Of course, Eliza thinks both the dragon and the duck I bought for her should belong to her (that dog is waaaay selfish), so Natalie has resorted to protecting her dragon from the “evil” dog…



by Jen
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I finally got my Redfish sushi! As I mentioned several times before, I really, really missed having sushi while I was pregnant. Heather brought me sushi while I was in the hospital, but it wasn’t Redfish. (She offered, I declined based on distance from hospital…) Since she was in town for her birthday, we made the trek out there and brought home our favorites for dinner.

Firecracker roll, I have missed you sooooo much!


And we ran out of time for me to make Heather the Nutella Cupcakes I promised her, but I gave her a rain check. Instead, I made her my awesome instant chocolate cake with Blue Bell ice cream:


Happy Birthday sister! Thanks for spending it with me and your Baby Crack! =D

Poor Eliza

by Jen
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It was thundering like crazy and both of my dogs get a little freaked out when the thunder gets going. Eliza started out shaking on the bed next to me, but I kept going room to room with Thomas and she didn’t know what to do. Usually in these situations she hides in the closet, but Natalie had already taken up residence there (for over 5 hours!).

I took pity on her and made her a hidey hole of her own:


See? I’m still taking good care of my furry kids! :)

The Speech Therapist

by Jen
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We’re up visiting the families again because of Father’s Day, because the house got rented out (yay!), and because Thomas has an appointment with a speech therapist. I know, he’s not talking yet, but we have high hopes for him!

Haha – no, we’re not those parents…! He’s seeing a speech therapist because they also do suck training and we wanted to make sure there were no lingering issues from his Frenectomy. And he did great! Though he wasn’t thrilled about not being able to eat for three hours before his appointment. He did ok until about 30 minutes before and then he started getting hungry. My mom walked around with him to keep him distracted but he kept looking over her shoulder at me with a glare I interpreted to be “Mom, I’m hungry and you aren’t feeding me… Don’t you know what these whimpers mean??”

The awesome part of the appointment was when we got the go ahead to let him use his “precious” because part of the problems I was having is that he eats his fill pretty fast and then just wants to hang out and “non-nutritive” nurse. Which basically means he really has a strong desire to suck. The therapist said she didn’t think most healthy full-term babies had issues with confusing mom and a pacifier, so to let him use it as he wanted to. Tell me he doesn’t look happy about this turn of events (I know I am!):


After the appt, we hung out with his grandparents a little bit longer and tried on his cowboy boots that are still waaaay too big for him (thanks Auntie Heather!):


I finally decided to head back to Houston instead of delaying until the next morning. My logic was that traveling later in the day, he might sleep more on the way home. Faulty, faulty logic… We made it to Madisonville until there was a complete meltdown in the back seat. So we pulled over and hung out in the car together for awhile before trying again. 10 miles down the road, I decided that maybe we should hang out some more and pulled over at a rest stop. All in all we turned a 4.5 hour drive into 6 hour drive, but on the bright side I didn’t have to go to work the next day!

“There was a baby screaming in the back seat? Surely you don’t think that was me??”


Good thing he’s so stinkin adorable!

Happy Father’s Day

by Jen
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Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, but especially to this one:

He knows that sometimes you can’t get your son to smile, and if that is the case you might as well make faces together! I’m so glad he’s the father of my child – I predict the next years will be full of hilarious moments. Also moments when the two of them are going to drive me to stress baking, but I think it will be the best years of our lives!

P.S. I also think my dad deserves a special acknowledgement, but the photos of him and Thomas are on my mom’s camera. So the odds are low I’ll get them anytime soon… I love you Daddy and you make a great grandad!

Hot Dog!!

by Jen
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As you may have read previously, I wasn’t allowed to eat hot dogs during pregnancy – which was blatantly unfair in my opinion.

The other day Matt was out running errands (mostly house stuff). When he got home he told me he had gotten so hungry that he stopped and got a hot dog.

And * he * didn’t * bring * me * one!!

This was just unacceptable, so guess what we had for dinner last night? And since they come 8 to a package, guess what we had for lunch today*?


Now that’s what I call making up for lost time! ;)

*Matt went to the nearby grocery store to pick up hotdog chili for the lunch dogs. Apparently it was a major faux pas not to have it yesterday. My bad! “/

Best Baby Smile Yet!

by Jen
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Someone has dimples!


And he’s apparently graduated to spontaneous smiles – which are the best kind there are…! :)

Thomas’ Frenectomy

by Jen
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Like most people, I had no idea what that word even meant a few weeks ago. Then my dear son was born. As perfect as he is, we have struggled with nursing since day 1. I thought at first it was because he was congested, but once that went away we still were having problems. I’m not one to throw in the towel easily, but nursing was getting to be a frustrating and painful experience.

Then we discovered he has a lip tie. Successful nursing requires the upper lip to flare out and he was incapable of doing that because of how tight his frenulum was. So we talked to the pediatrician and he agreed that it would cause problems, but it was more severe than what he felt comfortable fixing in his office. So we went to an ENT and he said he could surgically fix it, but he couldn’t guarantee me that the surgical center wouldn’t use a general anesthesia on Thomas.

There was no way I was putting my 4 week old under general anesthesia. Google “infant anesthesia risks” if you want to lose sleep…

I was about to give up on getting it fixed, but my mom mentioned that there was a dentist up in Fort Worth who did the surgery with a laser and how the laser was supposed to be much better, safer, etc. I read up on the different options online and figured it was worth going up there and at least getting a consultation.

The dentist, Dr. Oser, was incredibly friendly and reassuring about the whole procedure. He checked the severity of Thomas’ lip tie and also discovered he had a bit of a tongue tie. That was news to me, but Mom (who went with me) was not surprised based on some of the odd tongue movements we had seen him doing.

The lip tie:


The tongue tie (the frenulum turning white when stretched is the indicator):


For the curious, there is a good article about the different ties and how the laser is used to fix them here. Mom sat in on the procedure since she is a nurse and lactation consultant, but I had no interest in seeing my poor guy being lasered. Mom said he did great and was more upset about being held down for the procedure than the actual procedure.

Nursing has already improved, though he is still a little swollen and can’t quite flare his lip out completely. The other side benefit is that he can move his tongue way more than he used to be able to. I sent Matt a video of him the next morning to prove that Thomas was fine and he was sticking his tongue out and making all kinds of happy noises. Here he is showing off his tongue to his dad once we got back to Houston. :)


So if you know of anyone having trouble nursing a newborn, please tell them to consider that their baby might be lip or tongue tied. It’s made a world of difference in our case and I don’t have to worry about future dental problems or speech impediments. And one less worry is awesome for a new mom!

A Normal Sunday!

by Jen
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Thanks to Thomas sleeping great last night, we were up and able to get ready for church this morning. We had made it for the Mother’s Day service when mom and Heather were in town and watching him, but this would be the first trip with Thomas. The only difference in the normal Sunday routine was that I had pop-tarts for breakfast instead of the usual blueberry pancakes, but hey – being a parent is all about flexibility!

He did remarkably well for his first time. I had him in the Baby Bjorn and he napped almost a full hour before he woke up and wanted to eat. Luckily I saw the hunger coming and found the mother’s room at our church before he got fussy. The Mother’s room is really nice! It has padded gliders, cribs, a changing table and a TV so you can stills watch the sermon. Now I’m even more confused about why there are always so many crying babies in our church on a regular basis… “/

He finished his mid-morning meal about the time the service ended, so we even got to go back so everyone could meet him while he was awake. Look how bright-eyed he was:


We even braved a lunch outing to Jason’s Deli with the life group and he did great there too. No doubt because he had his pacifier to keep him occupied. I don’t know what I would do without that thing sometimes. :)

Poor Natalie

by Jen
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Her ear finally healed up enough that we took pity on her and took the cone off. I had been considering it because she had taken up that habit of dragging the cone across the floor when I was trying to sleep. But Matt beat me to it because she looked so pitiful. Smart dog, huh?

Then we noticed another problem. I kept finding wet spots on the floor. My first guess was that she was peeing on the floor. Natalie has occasionally had issues with leaking on the floor when she goes to bed with a full bladder. And the steroids she is taking cause excessive thirst and therefore excessive drinking and therefore excessive urination. But the spots didn’t look like the usual pee spots and didn’t really smell. Maybe she was catching water in the cone and dribbling it out while walking across the floor?

But once the cone was off, there was little chance in that theory being correct. And the spots were getting more frequent. Luckily most of them were on the wood and I would see them pretty fast since I’m home all day, but it was getting ridiculous. I kept putting her outside every hour, but still there were wet spots.

Then today I finally saw it happen, she was laying down and then suddenly stood up. And there was a wet spot on the floor right where she had been. Except she was still dripping on the floor and didn’t seem to notice. This was bad. If she didn’t know she was peeing, she couldn’t very well stop it! A quick google search confirmed that this was a common side effect of the steroids she was on for at least the next week.

So in order to save my sanity and our floors there was only one solution. Doggie diapers. Poor Natalie can’t take much more humiliation… “/


Although to be fair, she’s handling them much better than I thought she would. She’s not convinced she can sit down with them, but we are letting her lay on the bed again (a luxury outlawed once the wet spots started showing up). She seems content with that result. :)


One side benefit is that Matt is less stressed about her ruining the new wood floors down in the house once it’s done. Every time we would find a wet spot he would stress about how this would be awful in the new house and how Natalie may not be allowed to leave the tiled areas of the house. Now he’s decided she can just wear the diapers around, hopefully Natalie likes her fancy pants…

First Month!

by Jen
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Today marks Thomas turning one month! And to celebrate, I baked a cake!!! I really wanted to make him one and it seemed like a great reason to finally pull out the Kitchen-Aid for the first time in a month. Luckily my mom was in town visiting again, so I had someone to entertain Thomas while I snuck off to the kitchen to bake. Of course, it’s not a 3 tiered masterpiece that would require hours in the kitchen, but it was delicious all the same.

Strawberry Buttermilk Cake with Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream – it’s a shame Thomas can’t actually enjoy it with us.


But he was excited enough just about the fact he was a whole month old. Can’t keep that boy from throwing his fist up in the air… :)


Baking = Normal

by Jen
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I knew having a baby would disrupt what I considered to be my normal routine. And I was perfectly fine with that. My internal definition of returning to my normal routine would be when I was baking again. Little did I realize that even cooking could be a challenge…

Newborns apparently do not like to be left alone. Thomas is an easy going kiddo at all times, but he doesn’t much care for being left in his bouncy chair or play pen if he isn’t asleep. He likes being held and most times that is where I am happy to keep him. however, that makes it extraordinarily difficult to prepare food. For lunch I can usually plop him in his car seat long enough to make a sandwich, but it sometimes requires rocking it with my foot to hold off a melt down.


While I was still pregnant, I had a suspicion that a good slow cooker cookbook might come in handy – especially since America’s Test Kitchen just wrote one! I hadn’t made anything out of the book yet, but it seemed like now might be a good time to start. I could prep the ingredients during one of his morning naps and dinner would be ready whenever we felt like eating that night. (bless whoever invented the ‘Keep Warm’ function!)

And so far the recipes have been quite good. I only managed to take a picture of one, but I’ve made the Smoky Sausage and Bean Chili, Aloha Pork Chops, Shredded Barbecue Chicken and Sticky Chicken Wings:


This might be our new normal until Thomas decides he likes being in his bouncy chair. That’s ok though – between these meals, people bringing us food and Chinese take-out, we’ve eaten quite well. The highlight of the week was when I found time to make a dessert though! For some reason it was a sense of accomplishment more than 4 crock-pot dinners.

Blueberry Cobbler for two you made my week! =D


Long Weekend

by Jen
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Matt took some time off work last week in addition to having Memorial Day off, so we got to spend a full 5 days together on what amounted to a stay-cation at the house. He did have to spend some time working on the house, but it was the most time he got to spend with Thomas (and me) since he was born. Thomas really seemed to enjoy having his dad around.


I enjoyed the company too! I’m not quite going stir crazy being home all day, but it was nice to have someone to watch the little guy if I wanted to make a more elaborate breakfast than oatmeal. Corned beef hash and blueberry pancakes (separate days) have never tasted so good!

And the house is making progress, though I think we are the only ones not concerned about the pace of it. My family all seems concerned and keep offering to help, but I have a feeling it’s mostly because it will be easier for them to come see Thomas once we actually have spare rooms. ;)

We’re down to just a few more tile & fixture decisions. The painters should be coming soon since Matt finished all the sanding on the trim & cabinets and marking all the spots the drywall guys need to fix little dings and scratches. Still not sure it will be done before I go back to work in six weeks, but it will be close!

Itty Bitty

by Jen
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The dear hubster was giving me a hard time for some photos I took of Thomas today:


But honestly how can I resist these cute itty bitty little feet?!? I think they are the most adorable feet I have ever seen. And I’m pretty sure I won’t feel that way when he is 14 and has grodie teenage boy feet, so why not document them now while they are still so cute and kissable?

He still has old man hands, so those didn’t turn out as cute… Give me time, I’m sure itty bitty hands will make an appearance too. :)

Poor Furry Baby

by Jen
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Everyone knows that before we had Thomas, we had our two practice kids dogs. We’ve been trying to keep them from feeling neglected with the new family member’s arrival and they seem to be handling his appearance much better than I expected. That said, I might not have been paying that much attention to everything…

Like the fact Natalie has been shaking her head an awful lot recently. I noticed long enough to jerk her collar off in the middle of the night when I was convinced the clanging of her dog tags was going to wake Thomas. So sue me, I am more concerned about getting some sleep than the fact my dog has the itchies.

Until I was petting on Natalie as we were driving back from Dallas and found a huge bump on her ear. I figured maybe she got stung by a bee, after all my Shepard growing up would have her muzzle swell up every time she got stung. A few days later though, the swelling was still there and I resorted to asking the almighty Google. The most likely cause was an ear hematoma – caused by violently shaking the head or hitting the ear on a hard surface while shaking said head. Cue the mommy guilt…

Apparently these things go away eventually on their own, but will leave the ear disfigured if untreated. This is not acceptable because Natalie’s ears are probably my favorite part of her. So off to the vet I go, with a newborn in tow. I loved my vet already and the fact that they took pity on me schlepping a car seat around makes me love them even more. They took Natalie to the room for me, let her hang out behind the desk while I settled the bill and then walked her out to the car for me.

She wasn’t as impressed with the vet since they fitted her with an E-collar, but it’s for her own good. It should keep her from making the ear worse until the head shaking stops (we have pills for the ear infection that caused it). Plus she doesn’t mind all the Spam bribery to take her pills. After the first day of whacking everything with the e-collar, she even seems to have figured it out. See, she’s smiling for the camera!


Of course, Eliza is photo bombing it with her butt sniffing, but that’s not really all that surprising is it?

First Road Trip

by Jen
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This weekend we made the first road trip with Thomas! We had previously discussed how there was really no need to take the kiddo in the car until he was older – you can see how long that lasted… Though to be fair, things came up. Our house in Dallas needed some repairs and we need to find a new tenant, then Matt’s dad broke his hip and had to get a full hip replacement. So off to Dallas we went.

Our biggest concern on road tripping with the new baby was actually how to deal with baby and dogs in the same vehicle. To make matters worse, we had to take the truck because Matt needed to bring along tools. In the end we went with me and the baby in the back seat, Matt and the girls up front. I figured the dogs would be pretty irritated about being stuck up front, but I think they actually ended up with the better end of the deal…


I’m pretty sure no one actually cared that Matt and I were there, because this was the first chance Matt’s family had to see Thomas. They had seen him via FaceTime when Matt was up there two weekends ago for some initial repairs on the house, but that’s not the same as in person.

Unfortunately, Matt had to spend most of the weekend at the house doing repairs. So that left me in charge of making sure everyone got to see Thomas. No problem! Since his dad was in a rehab place for his hip, it seemed only fair to go to him with the grand-baby.


And of course everyone got a chance to love on Thomas, here he is with his Grannie:


Our good friend Justin even came up to the rehab place so he could meet Thomas – and I think he is smitten too. :)


His Aunt JoAnna didn’t get enough Thomas time at rehab, so she snuck in more cuddle time back at the house.


Sunday morning I had big plans of going to my favorite breakfast restaurant, Cafe Brazil, but Matt said he wouldn’t have time with what he had left to do on the house. Boo! So instead I asked my sister (who had spent the previous afternoon with me shopping and then seeing Thomas) if she wanted more baby time. My only request was that she bring me donuts. Instead, she did the most awesomest thing ever and brought me my favorite breakfast from Cafe Brazil! (I’m sure it looked a little prettier before riding in the jeep – still delicious though!)


And more snuggle time with Aunt Heather in return!!


All in all in was a great trip and I think I did an outstanding job of scheduling Thomas’ time to meet everyone. Of course, the poor little guy was worn out for all the excitement…


And I know if you counted Thomas’ outfits you would think we were up there a full week. Truthfully, I’m having some issues with the diapers leaking. I’m sure I’ll get it sorted out, but until then it’s a good thing Heather drug me to a children’s clothing store while we were there – the four outfits I packed got used up in one day… “/

2 Weeks!

by Jen
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We reached the two week mark today! This was marked by another visit to the pediatrician and of course you know what is right next door…


I tried to behave myself and not order such a unhealthy brunch, but for some reason the biscuits and gravy were calling my name… I still say I did better than Matt who got the chicken fried steak breakfast again. Thomas, of course, slept through all the excitement. I can’t wait until he’s old enough to really enjoy hanging out at the 59 Diner with his parents.

Also on the docket for today was to do something with all of the peaches mom brought with her when she visited this weekend. I love peaches from home, but tend to neglect them until they are beyond saving. So with my newfound mini dessert website, I made a smaller than usual peach cobbler for us and neighbor Anne who stopped by to see Thomas. Of course we ate almost all of it, so I might have to make another one tomorrow. Especially since Matt started eating it before I could get a decent photo…

Here’s what the little remainder piece (breakfast!) looks like. You can trust me that it was delicious or make your own Texas Peach Cobbler =)



by Jen
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As I mentioned before, Matt and I both came in to possession of iPads from work not too long ago. We realized that being able to FaceTime might come in handy once Matt had to go back to work and was missing his little guy.

The first day back he rang me up on FaceTime at least four or five times. And it works so well – he can see Thomas and if I lay down next to the little guy and point the phone at him, Thomas can see his dad. I have no idea if Thomas knows its his dad, but he seems very interested in the screen when he can see it, so I’ll pretend he is technologically hip. :)

The only downside is that Thomas is asleep most of the time when Matt calls me. I try to call Matt when he is awake, but given that Matt is working, he can’t always answer the calls. This particular morning I had just fed Thomas and he was bright eyed, so it seemed like a good time to call. We didn’t get through to Matt, so instead I took a screenshot of Thomas waiting for his dad to answer and sent it to Matt.

“Look who was upset that you couldn’t talk:”


Seriously – the look on his face is awesome! :)

Our First Walk

by Jen
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Because our Houston baby shower had a “books, diapers or wipes” request, we got a lot of diapers and wipes. And our friends are smart enough that we got newborn sized diapers as well as size 1 & 2. Silly me thinking we wouldn’t need to buy diapers for awhile, because this little guy goes through at least 10-12 diapers a day!

The first pack I opened was the Pampers Swaddlers and I loved them. Did you know diapers now have a wetness indicator on the front?

“Is his diaper wet?”

“I don’t know, let me see if the yellow stripe has turned blue!”

It’s awesome. But we went through the first pack in a few days. So on to the next pack of diapers – same type, but this pack was ‘organic’! And the first diaper I used ended up with him peeing all over his back – which really makes him mad… I was convinced the diapers (and not my lack of diapering skills) were to blame! Which meant I could either wait the three hours for Matt to get home and risk more blowouts or walk to the neighborhood grocery store (because I’m not supposed to drive yet) and buy more of the good ones.

So Thomas and I were off! He fussed when I first put him in the Baby Bjorn, but he was asleep before I even made it to the street. I was worried about him getting too much sun, so I put a blanket over the top of the BB to give him shade. He didn’t wake up once on our journey, so he didn’t even realize he was getting everyone’s attention while I was walking around the store.


Crisis averted, but I decided it might be a good idea to take advantage of the accidental subscription to Amazon prime and order a bulk package of them. At this rate, I think we should invest in some Pamper’s stock… “/

Exciting Monday

by Jen
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We had our first visit to the pediatrician today. I decided that we had to give Thomas a bath before his appointment. Of course we could only give him a sponge bath, but I was still pretty pumped about it. We got through it without any tears – he actually seemed to like it. Look at the contentment on his face! And how adorable are these hooded baby towels?

And although I was convinced we were running late to the appointment (I’ve never packed for a baby before and kept forgetting critical things!), Matt got us there on time without any speeding. Yay! Of course getting there 30 minutes early is apparently a requirement to fill out all of the first time forms – we got through the whole appointment before I finally finished them. “/

Our only concern for the appointment was how his jaundice levels were doing. The doctor obviously shared that concern, so Thomas had to donate some blood to get tested. The nurse asked me to lay him face down on my stomach so she could prick his foot. He did not care for this at all and expressed his displeasure by peeing all over my leg. I blame the nurse who weighed him for not securing his diaper back on there enough after taking it off to weigh him… Matt thought this was hilarious of course and made sure to document it. I was trying to calm him down and letting him suck on my pinkie seems to do just that.

While we hadn’t planned on taking Thomas out and about in his early days, both of us were starving since we had skipped breakfast to get Thomas to his appointment on time. And the pediatrician’s office just happens to be right next to 59 Diner… Of course he slept through the whole meal, but it was still his first meal out with Mom & Dad!

And there’s no story to go with this one, but it was just so stinking cute that I had to include it. I was trying to catch him in a yawn to send a photo to Matt, but never expected his yawn to be so stinking cute. What can I say, the camera loves him!

The Family Has To Go Home :(

by Jen
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My mom has been here for two weeks. Being a nurse, she has to schedule her time off months in advance and she started her time off on my due date. Of course someone did not show up on time, so most of it was spent just hanging out with me – not that she minded and it was great to have her around. And of course she was invaluable once the baby was here. I haven’t felt up to doing much besides taking care of him so far, and I still have to eat*…

Heather came down the day he was born and went home the same day we came home for the hospital. She claimed baby hogging rights for the hour before she left and made me promise to send her photos of her nephew whom she refers to as baby crack. (He’s just that addictive!) I don’t have any photos of the two of them yet, but this is him stretched out on her lap:

Dad came down Saturday night after he got off work, so he wasn’t here as long. But it looks like he was here long enough to fall head over heels for his grandson. =)

All of them bought Thomas something. Mom bought him this onesie. I thought it was cute, but when she was explaining to Matt how he “stole” her daughters heart, it was even more appropriate. My boy is going to be a heart-breaker!

I hadn’t got a photo of what dad bought him yet, but I will…

Heather bought him these super cute dog slippers that are we bit too big for him now. I sent her a photo of him wearing them while asleep, but Matt felt he should be ‘walking’ in them. Thomas was not appreciative of being woken up from his nap…

Everyone was sad to go home, but I’m sure the time between visits will be much shorter now that we have the baby crack living with us. ;)

*Speaking of which – I had a friend drop by unannounced just to drop off homemade brisket and potatoes. Best surprise ever and it was supper yummy. Rachael, you are awesome!

First Day Home

by Jen
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The first night home was pretty uneventful. I set my alarm to wake up every 3 hours to wake Thomas up for feeding. My mom surprised me with a pump, so we were able to continue using the same method as we did at the hospital. I was actually quite surprised that I was doing so well at waking up so frequently. Usually I am a bear if my sleep is interrupted. Must be that maternal bonding…

Once the day had officially started, so did the picture taking! I bought a pack of onesie stickers on Etsy that you can use to take photos of your baby every month with the appropriate month on the sticker. The pack I got even had a “0″ sticker for the first photo. Of course a very tired new mom didn’t get around to taking it until day 3, but I still say that is close enough! And my child apparently loves throwing his fist up in the air – I figure he’s going to be totally punk rock when he’s older.

Of course you might notice the scratch on his face. I had heard that newborns have a tendency to scratch themselves with their slightly overgrown fingernails, so I was going to trim them that day - apparently I waited too long. Mom took care of the manicure for me while he was taking his mid-morning nap. It’s so nice to have people to help out the first few days!

Most of my day was spent staring at my baby (somewhat in awe, some disbelief he was finally here…). Which meant that we soon noticed that he was turning a slight shade of yellow. Oh no – Jaundice! Luckily my mom (the nurse) was still around and said more feeding and some time hanging out in the sunshine would be the best way of helping the little guy. And he obligingly struck the appropriate pose to match. My boy is a little ham for the camera! =D

The Rest of the Hospital Stay

by Jen
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There is no shortage of things going on when staying at a hospital with a newborn. His day started bright and early with his first test – a hearing test. He was not quite asleep for this and a teensy bit fussy. That combined with the fact he had a lot of fluid still in his ears (and nose!), he only passed on his right side. They promised to come back and try again the next day – reassuring us it was normal and not to worry. We were not that worried, even if he was deaf in one ear – that’s pretty minor in the scheme of things that could be wrong and we would happily take it. (The next morning we got another hearing test and that time he passed!)

Then I finally got what I had been issuing for a long 9 months – sushi!! Heather and mom stopped at a nearby restaurant and got us some. It was absolutely delicious, though Matt says we need to go get Redfish or it’s not official. I just didn’t think having them bring raw fish from 45 minutes away was the *best* idea.

A lady from the church, Kathy, who also was our childbirth class instructor *and* a lactation consultant at the hospital stopped by again to help us with the car seat. I couldn’t really go, but she and Matt went down to the car to make sure it was set up properly. She seemed to think we got a pretty good one, so yay for me on researching the heck out of it!

Then Kathy had the other consultant, Cathy, come pay us a visit because Thomas was having some trouble nursing. She gave us some helpful tips and got us set up with a pump to make sure we could get the ball rolling until he could get the nursing down. We think he was having trouble because his nose was irritated from being suctioned. Every time he tried to nurse, he had so much trouble breathing that he would decide to give up and cry a little instead. In the mean time, we would supplement the meager feedings he was getting by feeding him via syringe. For some reason he didn’t seem to have as much trouble breathing with that feeding method.

We got another visit from Kathy – she rescued Thomas from the nursery after his morning surgery. Usually they keep the babies for at least an hour, but she promised to do his last post-surgery check in the room so we got him back even sooner! All we had to do now was wait for him to wet his diaper and then we could go. Shortly after, he fulfilled his duties so we got him dressed and waited for the final all clear for me.

One last stop at the nursing station to remove his umbilical cord clamp that also happened to be a security tag. Note the comfy going home outfit on me – I originally planned on wearing my maternity jeans, but quickly decided that pajama bottoms would be a better choice. Besides – no one cares what I look like as long as this cute baby is around… ;)

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