Mini Treats!

by Jen
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In honor of my last post about my mini-kitchen, I thought I should share two of my most recent recipe finds that are mini treats!

The first one is from my favorite mini-recipe website, Dessert for Two, and is Salted Almond Brittle. Not only is it a small recipe, but it was super easy! You use the microwave!! It took less than 10 minutes!!! And I just happened to have all the ingredients on hand when I found this recipe. Mom wanted to try it too, so she entertained Thomas for the 10 minutes even though she was “off-duty”… ; )


Verdict? Delicious! Matt gave it the compliment of it being like his grandmothers – which is huge by anyone’s standard. I’m going to try it again with other nuts – I think cashews! And I may chop the nuts up a little, I kept getting pieces with one almond and Matt’s would have like 10… unfair!

The other delicious mini was Mini Chocolate Lava Cakes, which seems like the greatest idea ever – I can eat so many before feeling guilty! I took an idea from Dfor2 and halved the recipe so each of us got 3 and it was the perfect serving size. Of course in the chaos of dinner planning and baby watching I overlooked them a tiny bit and they weren’t so lava-y. No matter, that’s why Blue Bell ice cream and Hershey’s syrup were invented!


I’m so making these again too! As good as they were, I can’t imagine how much better they will be when full of melted chocolate goodness! Mmmmmm….

One Response to “Mini Treats!”

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you liked the brittle! It looks great! :)

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