2 Weeks!

by Jen
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We reached the two week mark today! This was marked by another visit to the pediatrician and of course you know what is right next door…


I tried to behave myself and not order such a unhealthy brunch, but for some reason the biscuits and gravy were calling my name… I still say I did better than Matt who got the chicken fried steak breakfast again. Thomas, of course, slept through all the excitement. I can’t wait until he’s old enough to really enjoy hanging out at the 59 Diner with his parents.

Also on the docket for today was to do something with all of the peaches mom brought with her when she visited this weekend. I love peaches from home, but tend to neglect them until they are beyond saving. So with my newfound mini dessert website, I made a smaller than usual peach cobbler for us and neighbor Anne who stopped by to see Thomas. Of course we ate almost all of it, so I might have to make another one tomorrow. Especially since Matt started eating it before I could get a decent photo…

Here’s what the little remainder piece (breakfast!) looks like. You can trust me that it was delicious or make your own Texas Peach Cobbler =)


One Response to “2 Weeks!”

  1. Awwww :)

    Looks delicious, just like Thomas’ sweet little cheeks! :)

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