The Speech Therapist

by Jen
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We’re up visiting the families again because of Father’s Day, because the house got rented out (yay!), and because Thomas has an appointment with a speech therapist. I know, he’s not talking yet, but we have high hopes for him!

Haha – no, we’re not those parents…! He’s seeing a speech therapist because they also do suck training and we wanted to make sure there were no lingering issues from his Frenectomy. And he did great! Though he wasn’t thrilled about not being able to eat for three hours before his appointment. He did ok until about 30 minutes before and then he started getting hungry. My mom walked around with him to keep him distracted but he kept looking over her shoulder at me with a glare I interpreted to be “Mom, I’m hungry and you aren’t feeding me… Don’t you know what these whimpers mean??”

The awesome part of the appointment was when we got the go ahead to let him use his “precious” because part of the problems I was having is that he eats his fill pretty fast and then just wants to hang out and “non-nutritive” nurse. Which basically means he really has a strong desire to suck. The therapist said she didn’t think most healthy full-term babies had issues with confusing mom and a pacifier, so to let him use it as he wanted to. Tell me he doesn’t look happy about this turn of events (I know I am!):


After the appt, we hung out with his grandparents a little bit longer and tried on his cowboy boots that are still waaaay too big for him (thanks Auntie Heather!):


I finally decided to head back to Houston instead of delaying until the next morning. My logic was that traveling later in the day, he might sleep more on the way home. Faulty, faulty logic… We made it to Madisonville until there was a complete meltdown in the back seat. So we pulled over and hung out in the car together for awhile before trying again. 10 miles down the road, I decided that maybe we should hang out some more and pulled over at a rest stop. All in all we turned a 4.5 hour drive into 6 hour drive, but on the bright side I didn’t have to go to work the next day!

“There was a baby screaming in the back seat? Surely you don’t think that was me??”


Good thing he’s so stinkin adorable!

One Response to “The Speech Therapist”

  1. Granny says:

    get use to that look ….
    He will get his way all his life with that look…. Just ask his dad……

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