So Much Progress

by Jen
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I know I have been more than slacking off with posting house photos, but I will try to amend that considering how much work got done these past few weeks. The house is really starting to come together. Yay!

The house bath decked out in subway and mosaic tile:

The kitchen with its rocking white cabinets and antiqued ‘granite’ countertop. Still missing are the fixtures, but trust me they will look awesome too.

A close-up of the tiles in the mudroom that Matt picked out. I was skeptical at first, but I had to admit that he was right and they look great.

The master bathroom shower:

The marble countertop in the master bathroom. The counter was a bit of a compromise, but I think we’re both happy with it. :)

And the floor is stained. In a good way!

One Response to “So Much Progress”

  1. Whoa, Jen! Things are looking amazing! Y’all have such great taste! I’m especially in love with your kitchen cabinets!

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